• SEO takes time and effort. Do not let these mistakes hinder your process along the way.

    10 Common SEO Mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Social media is important, but don't mistake likes and links for Google ranking success.

    Facebook and Twitter Likes Do NOT Lead To Higher Page Ranking

  • Hootsuite did a study to see if there was any correlation to social media posting and better SEO. Here are the results.

    Does Social Media Impact SEO

  • A great Wix article on how to make your content stand out and grab your audience.

    6 Steps for Writing Amazing Website Content

  • If you are a small business and aren't sure how to properly get a higher Google ranking, this article is for you.

    How Black Hat SEO Techniques will Kill your Small Business Website

  • A nice graphic that explains why so many small business websites fail to attract visitors.

    How Small Business Websites Die - in a Single Diagram

  • Start learning the basics of Search Engine Optimization.

    Five Ways to Improve Your Website's Ranking

  • Are you afraid of giving Google money for Ads, not knowing if your Ad will work? Then read this.

    5 Shocking Things Google Ads doesn't want you to know about your account.

  • An article from Hubspot about how to improve your website user experience.

    10 Ways To Improve User Experience on Your Website

  • What are the right colors for my website? Read this article and you will know.

    Which colors should I use on my website?

  • A in depth article describing how to get the most out of the images you put on your website.

    7 Tips for Optimizing your Images On your Website

  • Common SEO red flags that let you know you should probably not hire this particular firm.

    12 Red Flags of a Bad SEO Firm

  • A story of how a woman owned business took back control of her website

    5 Ways A New Web Design Helped a Woman Owned Business

  • How the buyer persona must come before the start of any web design project.

    The Buyer Persona - That Thing That Comes Before Web Design

  • Good blog writing is about helping your reader, not yourself. Read this article to get a simple guide on writing great blogs.

    Write A High Quality Blog in 6 Steps

  • Presentation that shows how a small business owner used VirtuOps Digital Assistant and VirtuOps Pilot to resurrect their dying website.

    How VirtuOps Can Transform Your Dying Website

  • This is the definitive getting started guide to SEO. Do not develop your website until you have read this.

    (The Right) Content is King - Your Starter Guide to SEO from Moz

  • The Dangers of Keyword Stuffing

    Why is Keyword Stuffing Bad?

  • In this article, you’ll discover three steps to optimize your Facebook ads to reach your ideal target audiences.

    Getting Results with Facebook Ads

  • The perfect Twitter primer for anyone looking to grow their following.

    8 Steps to getting more Twitter followers

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